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Up to 600 € compensation for your flight

ReiseZorro checks your potential claim free of charge

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Flight Delay or Cancellation?

ReiseZorro is the defender of your travel rights. We fight for your claims. Even if the flight lies several months in the past, we will still fight for your rights. EU-Regulation 261/2004 states that passengers are entitled to compensation for a period of 3 years as a basic rule. This is how long you can be reimbursed for damages from the airline. The reimbursement is independent of the nature of your travel and it is irrelevant whether you or somebody else paid for the flight. This means you can also receive reimbursement when you were on a business trip or a package holiday.

The advantage of using ReiseZorro is that we will go through all the bureaucratic trouble which arises when you claim damages with an airline. We take care of that for you.

If a legal expert needs to be consulted, we are perfectly prepared. We work together with experienced lawyers who will support us to make sure that you get what you´re entitled to. You don´t need to worry about anything and there will be no additional costs for you.

This is how we can help

  • Your right for compensation for flight cancellation and delays

    You have experienced a flight delay, a change of reservation or even a cancellation in the last 3 years? Exercise your right and contact us without any risks to find out about your potential right to claim – it’s free! We inform you right away if you can expect any reimbursement due to a missed, delayed, changed or cancelled flight.
  • We fight for your travel rights

    If you are entitled for reimbursement and we have all the necessary data, we will successfully make sure, you get your money back. ReiseZorro will fight for your passenger rights against the airline.
  • You get your money back

    As soon as we get your reimbursement for the cancellation or the delay of your flight, we will pass it on to you, deducting the commission on results of 21,9% plus VAT.