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Up to 600 € compensation for your flight

ReiseZorro checks your potential claim free of charge

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Frequently Asked Questions


How long can I claim my rights against the airline?

You can claim your rights arising from cancelled or delayed flights for 3 years in principle.

What does the service provided by ReiseZorro cost?

No win no fee: if you aren’t compensated by the airline, ReiseZorro doesn’t charge you anything. It’s as simple as that. Only if the claim was successful, ReiseZorro charges 21,9% plus VAT on the compensation gained. There are no additional costs in case we instruct a contract lawyer to fight for your right either.

What happens if a legal expert needs to be consulted?

The ReiseZorro team will seek out-of-court settlement. Should an out-of-court clarification not be an option, ReiseZorro can instruct a lawyer and take legal action for you as well. You do not need to worry about that, we will take care of that for you. We will of course keep you informed if we take legal action and update you on the progress of any actions. There’s more: ReiseZorro will bear any extra costs in case any legal action is taken, no matter the outcome.

How much compensation can I expect?

The amount of compensation will depend on the delay period and the flight distance. The distance of the flight determines the amount of the compensation. As an example, in case your flight with a distance of more than 3500 km was delayed for more than 4 hours you could be eligible to receive a compensation of € 600,00.

When do I receive the compensation payment?

Once we have received all necessary documents and the airline has guaranteed to pay, we will be able to make the settlement. You receive the payment of compensation no later than 3 weeks after the airline has paid.

When am I not entitled to compensation?

In cases of force majeure such as natural disaster, and also in case of strikes. Extraordinary circumstances, in which your safety could not have been guaranteed and therefore resulted in cancellation or long delay of flights, are also not compensated.